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As get older, we often experience undesirable signs of aging in the bedroom. Women, particularly post-childbirth, often experience a drop in sexual arousal and decreased lubrication and vaginal dryness and/or atrophy, which leads to discomfort during vaginal sex and ultimately results in diminished pleasure. As men age, their libido, stamina, and strength and length of erection also decrease over time.

Want sex to feel as exciting and amazing as it did in your 20s again? Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) might be right for you! With 4 different options, Tampa Bay Total Wellness has a customizable treatment plan for any patient who is a candidate.

Still unsure? Read these spicy client testimonials!

“After I had kids, everything down there changed. I was so tired and low-energy that I never desired intercourse. When I finally did, I was so dry that I couldn’t have penetration without lubrication, which took the spontaneity out of the act. After my second pellet insertion, I crave sex and my body is ready for it naturally!”

“A few of my friends were talking about this great sex they were having. I asked them what their secret was, and it turns out they all were getting BHRT. I noticed a huge change in my sex drive from my very first treatment. Once I did have sex, I found I was aroused quicker, and my orgasm was much stronger than before. Happy client is an understatement!”

“What is NOT to love about taking testosterone? First, it helped me lose those last pesky 5 lbs of baby weight. I am finally happy with my body post-kids. It also really put me in touch with my feminine side – I am excited to put on lingerie for my husband, and I look forward to the sex we have! I haven’t had this much sex since college.”

“I knew something felt different. Once I got my testosterone checked and found out it was hundreds of points below other typical males my age, I knew I had to do something. After just 6 months, my sex drive is through the roof, and my erections are harder than ever. I am more confident in the bedroom and definitely more satisfied. Best money I have spent in a while”

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