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We partner with you on your journey to transformation – from the most advanced anti-aging and
hormone therapies, weight loss and nutritional support, to sports performance enhancement. A
facility with the state-of-the-art aesthetic services to keep that young vital physical appearance as
well. Read what our clients are saying about us!

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Dana Gjermo
Dana Gjermo
20:26 20 Oct 21
I’m very thankful for how much knowledge and support I’ve received from Kelly & Tami on finding the best hormone... therapy for me. What a huge difference In my everyday life after 2 months. Life is great!! Thanks TBTW!!read more
Kelly Jordan
Kelly Jordan
14:10 19 Oct 21
Kelly and Tami are amazing! Highly recommend them for any services but especially fillers and weight loss management.... I’m hooked and love my more
Jessica McKnight
Jessica McKnight
13:22 19 Oct 21
Love it here! Extremely professional staff, clean, organized and inviting space. Love my results EVERY SINGLE TIME!!... Thank you for being so amazing!read more
larry swalheim
larry swalheim
13:15 19 Oct 21
Kelly and Tami not only bring a wealth of experience in the industry, they are an amazing team focused on the wellness... of their clients. I give them a five star rating!read more
Sheila Shynski
Sheila Shynski
20:09 06 Oct 21
I love this office and the pellet hormone treatment therapy. They really listen to your needs, symptoms, concerns and... customize your treatment for YOU. Bloodwork shows a guideline but symptoms tell the real story. Your normal may not be someone else normal and I finally feel heard and finally feel AMAZING again.Hormone changes can turn you into someone you don’t recognize. Tami and Kelly will get you back to feeling like You or even better!read more
Tami McGarry PA-C
Tami McGarry PA-C
15:16 25 Aug 21
Love this place and YES I get to work here! I'm not only a client I am the provider. We are committed to the BEST... possible anti-aging services available offered in a private concierge more
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Client Testimonials

“I am over the moon happy. Thank you”

-Amy M.

“I love this office and love this staff. Everyone was extremely kind, helpful, and I feel very comfortable there.”

-Roxana K.

“Tami is the greatest with all the services I have received from her 😊”

-Norma M.

“Ms Tami was GREAT. She was professional, friendly and attentive to my concerns. I’m looking forward to working with Tampa Bay Total Wellness.”

-Karlinne A.

“Absolutely love everyone there! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to see them.”

-Kathy C.

“So nice so professional you won’t be disappointed. Could not ask for better people to deal with”

-Steve C.

“I appreciated the wealth of knowledge and experience she shared with me, that she listened to me and her warmth and kindness as well. She made me feel like I was talking with a girlfriend and getting educated on treatment for my health concerns at the same time 🖤”

-Nicole H. R.

“I appreciated how Tami took the time to listen and assess my needs! She was patient and understood my concerns.”

-Marla R.

“Professional Fast Efficient Knowledgeable. My expectations were high and they went above and beyond to not only make the process easy but also to make me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped in to the moment I left!”

-Reggie H.

“Tammy and Kelly are the best! Fun, loving, caring and always have your personal best in mind. I can’t say enough. Just come in and talk to them.”

-Barbi C.

“Tami is very knowledgeable and does a great job implanting pellets. Quick and easy.”

-Karen F.

“I had the very best experience. I was very nervous, they provided a calm and soothing experience and recommended what would be best for me. I love my new lips. Thank you so much for making me beautiful!”

-Lola B.

“If you are looking for hormones, weight loss, longevity – Tampa Bay Total Wellness is the place for you! Great customer service. Tami and Kelly are easy to talk to about your issues and offer wonderful assistance. I’m so happy with the services I have received so far. Thanks for all of your help!”

-Paula M.

“Tami is very knowledgeable and does a great job implanting pellets. Quick and easy.”

-Karen F.

“Tammy and Kelly are the BEST! Tammy is always doing her due diligence by keeping up with the latest and best advances for anti-aging and Kelly is the most efficient and knowledgeable person I know when it comes to her job. They take nothing lightly and treat every person is an individual, not a number.”

-Barbi C.

“Tami is awesome! So knowledgeable, professional, and caring! She and Kelly are a great team!!”

-Sandy C.

“First class service with a smile, skill and competence.”

-Mike A.

“I had the very best experience. I was very nervous, they provided a calm and soothing experience and recommended what would be best for me. I love my new lips. Thank you so much for making me beautiful!”

-Lola B.

“Kelly and Tami are really great. I love how I feel and how I look. They took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed them with several options. I could not be happier, go see them!”

-Becky S.

“Finally after three years of struggling with an extra 5 lbs., with the Naltrexone and dietary changes I have lost the last 5 lbs.”

-Barbi C.

“I have been with Tami and Kelly now for five years. Unfortunately, due to stress eating, I gained 30 lbs. My 5’0″ frame doesn’t look or feel good with that extra weight. I am not known for my patience, so Tami recommended quick start with HCG. Admittedly, at first I was a bit hesitant but also determined and 28 days later, I was 30 lbs. less! This quick fix … takes a dedicated way of eating (very simple) for 28 days…we can commit to anything for a month. Look and feel healthier!”

-Larry O.

“If you are looking for hormones, weight loss, longevity – Tampa Bay Total Wellness is the place for you! Great customer service. Tami and Kelly are easy to talk to about your issues and offer wonderful assistance. I’m so happy with the services I have received so far. Thanks for all of your help!”

-Paula M.

“This is a diet I can do! I am down over 20 lbs. and no longer have indigestion or use my CPAP machine at night. I am eating delicious food and still enjoying some wine and cocktails. I now have control of my weight loss and have moved into phase two. And, now only dieting three days a week and I am still losing weight.”

-Rheemi S.

“All of the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to my closest friends and family.”

-Laurie S.

“Very professional! Explanation of procedure was perfect. Other staff members were very friendly and caring.”

-Sherry K.

“Absolutely amazing experience, kind extremely helpful, educational!!! A warm and welcoming team!! Absolutely love this place!! So happy my coach connected me with Tampa bay wellness 💕”

-Holly B.

“Tami and her entire staff care about you the person, more than I’ve encountered on this journey to find my optimal health regarding hormones. As someone who has a hard time finding someone to trust, trust came easy here as soon as I walked in the door. Tami has dedicated her energy to serving those who are still struggling and while I’m only on day 1 one of my treatment, I already have peace and more energy knowing I was led here and here they are helping me reach my next-level life.”

-Katrina M.

“I am my best self because of this amazing medical team! Tami takes her time to get to know your specific needs !!!!! Not everyone else’s…. Glowing because of Tampa Bay Total Wellness .”

-Kristen L.

“Such an awesome experience. Tami is so knowledgeable about supplements and the latest therapies for anti-aging and overall wellness. What I love is how thorough she is to understand my symptoms and ways that she can help. Wether it is therapy they offer in office or just supplements and general wellness recommendations to do on your own. I love how much time she spends talking to me about things she’s not even trying to sell. She such a generous person committed to your wellness. I recommended her to all my family and friends.”

-Nancy M.

“Extremely happy with this amazing team! Everyone is super attentive, friendly and the office is extremely clean. I felt comfortable and well informed after all procedures. Highly recommend.”

-Elena A.

“Wonderful caring staff and so easy to talk to. Very receptive in answering all questions in a timely manner.”

-Paula W.

“The staff is very helpful and makes you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Tami takes the time to explain where your body is deficient and what is available to get you back into the active lifestyle you enjoy, so you can find your stride once again.”

-Jimmy L.

“I can not get enough of Tampa Bay Total Wellness. The fountain of youth does exist and its here!! Kelly and Tami make you feel like family and only give you the best products at affordable prices. Don’t just take my word for it go and experience it for yourself you will not be disappointed.”

-Chrisstie A.

“DeeDee, the practice coordinator is so sweet and knowledgeable and Tami is caring, relatable, passionate, experienced, and has a good sense of humor.
I’m 36 yo and had a laundry list of terrible symptoms that were affecting my everyday life. I’ve have the bio identical pellet for less than 4 weeks and my life has been changed !!
With prayer, vitamins, and a clean diet, and this pellet , my mood is better, I’m able to stay up til 10pm and not want to pass out at 6pm, and my joint pain has diminished.
Thank you ladies.”

-Lisa C.

“I’ve been to 7 other clinics over the years, and this is the first place I’ve found where the quality of the products and the knowledge of the staff are unmatched anywhere else. My wife and I feel 20 years younger. If you’re considering BHRT, peptides, or aesthetics, give Tami and Kelly a call. I’d give them 6 stars if I could!!!!!!”

-Dr. Michael S.

“Absolutely love Tampa Bay Total Wellness center. The Staff Tami, Kelly and Deedee are an amazing team. They listen to your needs, symptoms and concerns and customize your treatment for You! I had started pellet therapy quite a few years ago but switched to Tampa Bay Total Wellness and have found they were the ones that finally had me fine tuned. The weight loss therapy program is amazing as well! I have referred numerous friends and they are just as happy!!!”

-Cheryl S.

“Always an outstanding experience regardless of the service I am receiving. Dr. Tami is incredibly knowledgeable, relatable and trustworthy. I enjoy my time at the office and also am very comfortable knowing I’m getting incredible care. Kelly and Deedee are wonderful to engage with as well. I learn something every time I go!”

-Bonnie S.

“Absolutely love Tampa Bay Total Wellness! Kelly and her staff are all amazing, knowledgeable and friendly! I highly recommend Total Wellness!”

-Jen G.

“I can’t say enough great things about this office and its staff. DeeDee is so very sweet, and took the time to explain everything to me over the phone. She answered all my questions and made me feel super welcome the second I walked through the door of the clinic. The office itself is gorgeous! Very spacious and marvelous decor. I am so impressed by Tammy. She is a lovely woman with a very genuine personality. She listened to all my concerns and was very relatable. She was warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable in her field. I just started my treatment yesterday, but I am looking forward to all the benefits of therapy. The procedure for the pellet took 5 mins, and the only pain I felt was the lidocaine numbing injection, which I would describe as a quick burning sensation, maybe 3/10 pain, which only lasted about 15 seconds. I would absolutely recommend Tampa Bay Total Wellness to anyone. Thank you ladies, for the exceptional service.”

-Candyce R.

“Just wow!!!! I just can’t say enough incredible things about this place! Above and beyond service, where I feel like family. Their professionalism and knowledge in hormone replacement and skin care has been above outstanding. I feel unbelievable after many many years of low energy and exhaustion. As far as skin care and wellness, the staff make sure you are satisfied with the many choices they offer, and I look and feel.great with their treatments. Thank you to all the staff and will continue to share my positive experiences.”

-Kelley L.

“Great service – would highly recommend.”

-Stan W.

“Game changer!! Testosterone has given me back my energy, vitality, and libido. Any of you guys out there needing that extra boost would definitely benefit from visiting Tampa Bay Total Wellness. Top notch facility, professional and knowledgeable staff, and Kelly and Tami made it very easy and comfortable experience.”

-Sean W.

“I read up before coming here and was impressed with all the positive comments. They are true! Great first experience! Very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Both Tammi and DeeDee answered all my questions both before & during my first appointment. Tammi is extremely knowledgeable in all areas! I am excited about the beginning of my journey and feel I have made a great choice. I look forward to coming back & wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!”

-Denise M.

“The absolute best staff and services, I will remain a loyal customer for life. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. Thank you so much, TBTW!!!”

-Janet W.

“Tami and Kelly are absolutely amazing. Started pellet therapy after a rough start with traditional hormone replacement and it has been life changing.”

-Kathryn F.

“I am exceptionally happy with the results of my hormone replacement therapy with Tampa Bay Total Wellness. Tami and Kelly are highly knowledgeable, very well versed, and were extremely proficient in explaining every detail of this journey. I highly recommend this center and their services. The changes have been remarkable and have made such a positive impact on my life! I couldn’t be happier!”

-Karen C.

“Highly recommend!!! Absolutely love Tami and Kelly. Very professional and knowledgeable!! I feel comfortable when talking about any issue I am having. Super friendly and professional staff. Thank you TBTW!!”

-Ashley K.

“Personable, professional and a truly comfortable environment. A top notch job. Well done! Will definitely refer my friends to your business.”

-Sharon W.

“I absolutely love going to Tami and Kelly for my BHRT treatments. It has changed my life. I had met Tami and Kelly at another location and when I heard they had started their own practice I had to follow them. It’s a little farther drive for me but I would drive further to see them if need be. They always make me feel comfortable and I can talk about anything with them. Congratulations on your new business journey ladies !!”

-Geri K.

“The staff at Tampa Bay Total Wellness is next level! The service, the knowledge, the family environment! I love every time I go to the office! Thank you all!!”

-Jess G.

“The facility is gorgeous and staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable!”

-Gianna F.

“Wish i could give more stars! Tami, Kelly and their entire staff are absolutely amazing! They really take the time to get to know and understand you and they offer the absolute highest of quality of work. I cant recommend them enough!”

-Steven G.

“Very informing, courteous and professional – great experience.”

-David L.

“High quality care with excellent staff skills. I have been on Bioidenticle Hormone Replacement Therapy for almost two years and the changes and improvement in my overall health are remarkable.”

-Michael A.

“I’ve never had anything less than an amazing experience at TBTW. All of the ladies are friendly and knowledgeable. The services are very well explained beforehand. My Botox has never looked better and the hormone replacement pellets have given me the boost I’ve been lacking! Forever customer of TBTW!”

-Melanie D.

“Kelly and Tammi and the absolute best in this business! From the office aesthetic to clinical experience every detail is considered and tailored. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their work and always aware of new research or products. As someone with a preexisting nerve condition, Tammi’s experience and education has been able to tailor things to my needs. You will not find a more professional nor individualized experience anywhere else.”

-Ryan S.

“Tami and Kelly are 100% top notch. Not only have they helped me tremendously as I enter into my mid-40’s, they have also treated me like family while doing so. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, but also being professional and getting you what you need to feel like your old self again. Do not hesitate making an appointment with them. You will not regret it.”

-Jo Ellen R.

“The staff here are amazing, highly professional and personable at the same time. The quality-of-life services that they provide are excellent and just not adequately covered anywhere else that I have found.”

-Conor O.

“I LOVE TAMI AND KELLY! Finally found a place that not only offers you customized treatment ( the only place in the Tampa Bay Area) but even more treats you with respect and care!! Like your family! If your looking for some one that understands hormones especially if your a woman whose an athlete and struggles with menopause /post menapause this is the only place that knows what they are doing!! Hands down they are the creme de la creme … love you both !!!”

-Izzieyah S.
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