What Is Forever Bare BBL?

The Forever Bare BBL treatment is a gentle, safe, and quick hair removal treatment. Using Broad Band Light (BBL) technology, the Forever Bare BBL treatment is a treatment with basically no downtime. You’ll get in, get your hair removed, and get out with minimal to no side effects.

Since it is non-invasive and gentle, one of the best things about the Forever Bare BBL treatment is that basically anyone can be a candidate.

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Forever Bare BBL

Kiss the hassle of shaving, painful waxing, and tweezing goodbye! Using gentle, yet effective BBLTM energy to heat hair follicles, the revolutionary Forever Bare BBL treatment is as comfortable as a hot stone massage. The result is hair removal that’s more comfortable, safer, and typically faster than other traditional treatments.

Treat any area of the body with unwanted hair to reveal beautiful skin. DARE TO BARE SOFT, SILKY, SUPPLE SKIN! Forever Bare BBL is a comfortable treatment with virtually no downtime. During the treatment, pulsed light delivers photothermal energy to hair follicles. The rapid, short pulses of light or photothermal energy causes the hair follicle to stop producing hair without harming any surrounding tissue.

Hair grows in three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. Forever Bare BBL predominantly treats hairs in the anagen phase, also known as the active growth phase. Since not all hairs are in the same growth stage at the same time, multiple treatments are necessary to target all hair in the treatment site. Any area of your body can be treated. The most common areas are the face, under arms, arms, legs, bikini area, chest, shoulders and back.

The Process

During the Forever Bare BBL treatment, a clear gel will first be applied to the skin. Next, the BBL energy is delivered with a piece of technology that actively cools, meaning there is no pain or discomfort during the process.

On a technological level, the Forever Bare BBL treatment delivers pulsed light to hair follicles, effectively eliminating them at the growth stage. Since hair grows at different stages, it may be necessary to have multiple treatments to see the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Painful?

The Forever Bare BBL treatment is typically gentle and not painful at all. Some report a warm, stinging sensation in the treatment area, but other than that, there is little to no pain.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The treatment typically takes 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how many areas you need treated. Most areas require 3 to 5 treatments spaced at 4-to-6-week intervals for best results.

When Will I See Results?

With the Forever Bare BBL treatment, you should see results immediately. After a few days to a week, you may experience what seems like regrowth of your hair, but this is most likely your hair being shed because of the treatment and not necessarily regrowth. You may still need a few more treatments if you are experiencing a lot of regrowth.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects, the Forever Bare BBL treatment typically has minimal to no side effects. You may experience redness and swelling immediately after the treatment, but this usually clears up in a few days. You will need to avoid direct sun exposure and plan to always wear sunscreen as your skin will be especially prone to sun damage immediately following treatment.