happy couple

Couples who do hormone replacement therapy restore happiness to their marriage.

Couples who undergo hormone replacement therapy together lower their divorce rate by more than 50%!

Over 60% of divorces are initiated by women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, the menopause years.  Menopause can lead women to suffer a low mood, poor self-esteem, diminished quality of life and more.  Recent research suggests only a third of the women suffering menopausal symptoms are offered hormonal replacement therapy.  A survey recently conducted shows 7 in 10 women (74%) blame menopause for the breakdown of their marriage and eventual divorce.

One study even found that men suffering from low testosterone were more likely to experience symptoms of depression, mood swings and mental changes causing confusion and difficulty communicating with their partner.

When hormonal imbalance hits a marriage, the effects begin to cause failure in the bedroom.  Passion and sexual desire are lost between the couple. They tend to place the blame on each other leading to further separation, anger, abuse, and neglect.

The good news is that couples who identify the role hormones play in their overall wellbeing and happiness and seek help with hormone balance find that they not only restore their relationship but find a new lease on life and a love and desire for each other.  Seeking treatment as a couple seems to be the key to marriage survival.

The benefits of couples doing hormone replacement therapy include.

The couples become closer.

Sharing this important lifetime experience together improves your overall connection.  Couples who find themselves drifting apart will find an increased desire to be with each other and rekindle their relationship.

Improves satisfaction in the relationship.

When both people are feeling better, everything appears better.  When their libido is again in sink, the stress of the relationship is lessened, and the couple looks forward to time with each other.

Improves communication.

Going through this experience together gives the couple the opportunity to discuss the process and celebrate the improvement, this leads to increased communication and bonding,

Restores belief in each other and marriage.

The increased communication and intimacy lead to a feeling of being supported by their partner.  This regained belief in each other and their relationship restores the excitement towards the commitment they made to each other in Marriage.

Husbands and wives are embarking on hormone replacement together.  Many are empty nesters and are finding a new lease on life.  It is the perfect time to restore the energy toward your health and relationship.  Having greater desire for life and each other, couples begin to look forward to date night and time alone.  Hormonally balanced couples routinely admit that the decision to invest in their health and hormones literally saved their marriage.